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It started by our friends asking us as dedicated yoga practitioners and leaders which Yoga DVDs were the best…..

As a Community Service we rate Yoga DVDs that we think are worthy of  you both owning and USING ..So many yoga DVDs exist that it is difficult for those wishing the tops ones to sort through them all….we here at yoga DVD review have sorted through them all to give you a quick list review of what we thinkg are the best yoga dvds available to you.    We have reviewed and compile ALL the yoga reviews about popular and not so popluar yoga DVDs and now  make these Yoga DVD Review recommendations to you…

…..rest assured, thousands of reviews have been tabulated and  gone through to give you this Safe Buying list of Yoga DVDs.  Look to the RIGHT – the Very Best Reviewed Yoga DVDs are waiting for you…just click on any of the pics to help you move in the right direction now.

Here are your BEST bet Selections as also seen to the right.

For Beginners Yoga we like Yoga For Beginners

For Weight Loss we like two – To trim up we like Fat Free Yoga – Lose Weight & Feel Great  FOR BEGINNERS & BEYOND w/ Ana Brett & Ravi Singh

We have a very high regard for  Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga - It is excellent for weight loss as well.   Regardless of  the weight loss it is an overall fine choice.

For power yoga this DVD – Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection
is very popular because it is easy to use and gets results.

For Stress Relief – Really just doing your yoga practice will relieve stress but this one has been especially geared to help reduce stress.  Yoga for Stress Relief (With The Dalai Lama)

One of the new yoga DVDs we really like is by Shiva Rea.   Shiva Rea: Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a one that helps boost your energy and provides engaging practices that you will want to do over and over again.

For Prenatal Yoga you should consider this well loved offering simply called Prenatal Yoga.

For a very fine and highly regarded overall pick – we suggest Yoga For Every Body (With Over 35 Routines).   This has been a favorite for many for many years and it is becoming a classic must have due to its quality.

On the Spiritual Side of Yoga….

We would also like to highlight  one of  the very best Yoga DVDs on the spiritual side of yoga and is likely the most rare of yoga DVDs available.

If you want to get first hand indepth knowledge of the look and feel of the living tradition of yoga right from the source, look no further than our favorite,  beyond asanas body poses Yoga DVDs,  Personal Time with Swami-ji,  (157 min doc. art film) which was shot in the Indian Himalayas at the sacred source of The Ganges River and is available only at The Center for Healing Arts   To Find out what it would be like to sit with and learn directly from an Authentic Yoga Swami High in the Himalayas – Click Here .  This is a non commercial offering and goes right to the heart of yoga.  Highly recommended.

We suggest that you pick the DVD that resonates with you.   The important thing is to get it and then use it for your practice.

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